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blues focused harmonica instruction

Guest Artist Class with Shane Sager, Saturday July 20th 10am Pacific/12pm Central/1pm Eastern

The topic for this class is “Nerves and the Anxiety of Improvisation”. This class is on sale!

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Click the image below to head to Ronnie’s Lesson Squad site where you can purchase various Hohner harmonicas and other items. Ronnie receives a small kickback if you purchase through this site. Thank you!!

Online Zoom Harmonica Classes

Join Ronnie Shellist live online 2-3 times each month to learn blues harmonica techniques, approaches to improvising and song studies that feature amazing blues harmonica. These classes are extremely easy to attend through Zoom with the click of a button and every class is recorded for playback and/or download. So, if you miss some of the class or cannot make it, you can always catch it later.

Welcome to Harmonica123! I strive to make lessons and classes enjoyable and straightforward. I offer 3 monthly online classes covering a variety of topics related to blues harmonica: improving technique, drills and exercises, song studies, position work to explore various scales, understanding 12 bar blues, rhythm playing and more. I also offer online seminars/webinars called, The Global Blues Harmonica Summit, that feature world class harmonica players and teachers who share their passion and knowledge of the harmonica.

These classes and sessions allow students to join online from the convenience of their homes are always recorded for playback and download after they end.The current format used for classes and summits is Zoom which is very user friendly. Once a class ends, anyone can they purchase the class recording. Outside of monthly classes and summits, you will also find several downloadable audio only and/or video lessons surrounding topics such as improvisation, bending, song studies and more.

I also have backing tracks that you can purchase for download to help you practice your technique, phrasing or just to jam along for fun. I’m easy to reach through the Contact page here on the website should you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by the site. I look forward to working with you online soon in a class or summit.


The Global Blues Harmonica Summit is an online blues harmonica webinar that takes place 3-5 times a year.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying ALL the classes that I can attend. The recordings are most helpful also. After listening more than once I hear or pick something out that I missed. I can tell I have made a little improvement in two weeks. Only two years under my belt with this instrument. That’s so amazing.  Thanks Ronnie for your hard work and AWESOME way of teaching. Keep up the good work.”

Eric Davenport

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