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A premium music education site for all levels, focused on 10 hole blues harmonica.

I offer various opportunities for the learner to connect with me in a manner that suits you best. I always strive to make lessons enjoyable and straightforward. The most customized and personal experience that I offer is private Skype or FaceTime lessons and on these video sessions, I work with students in a variety of ways: improving technique, drills and exercises, song studies, position work to explore various scales, understanding 12 bar blues, rhythm playing and more. The newest way in which I connect with harmonica students all over the

world is through my blues harmonica webinars called “The Global Blues Harmonica Summit”. These live online educational workshops allow students to log in on their own computer and connect with the top blues harmonica instructors and players on the planet. You also get access to the recorded sessions when it’s over. Harmonica123 also streams educational videos that are focused sessions lasting anywhere from 40-60 minutes typically and will get you on track. The topics are focused around technique, song studies, artist interviews,

teaching sessions, and conceptual approaches to your playing. Once you know what topic(s) you are interested in, you can purchase access to those particular video sessions. I also offer downloadable blues focused video and audio instruction; as well as backing tracks. Finally, I offer a variety of in person harmonica workshops around the U.S., Canada and now in Scotland each year. They are typically geared towards intermediate level players.

$60 or $75

Skype Lessons

Skype or Facetime is the next best thing to sitting down in person. You will have up to 30 days to schedule the lesson.



The Global Blues Harmonica Summit is an online experience : Saturday April 27th 2019 at 9am to 12pm Pacific U.S.

$50 – $75

Streamed Lessons

Custom and focused sessions built to your specifications of topic and content. So you decide and I build your lesson.

$10 – $30

Downloads (Instruction)

Blues focused lessons on technique, style, hardware and more.

$10 – $30

Downloads (Music)

Ronnie Shellist tracks, backing tracks. Audio and video files.

$200 – $1200


Face to face tuition at workshop venues around the globe.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying ALL the classes that I can attend. The recordings are most helpful also. After listening more than once I hear or pick something out that I missed. I can tell I have made a little improvement in two weeks. Only two years under my belt with this instrument. That’s so amazing.  Thanks Ronnie for your hard work and AWESOME way of teaching. Keep up the good work.”

Eric Davenport

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GBHS#8 Around The Corner!

On September 14th, from 9am-12:30pm Pacific, the incredible Joe Filisko and Eric Noden are presenting at the upcoming Global Blues Harmonica Summit. The entire day is recorded and since it’s online, you can join from anywhere using your computer and an internet connection. Joe and Eric will cover 4 distinct songs: a train, cajun, hill…

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GBHS #7 – Kim Wilson confirmed

Harmonica player, songwriter, and singer Kim Wilson is as much a student and historian of classic blues as he is one of the U.S.’s top harmonica players. Simply put, Wilson has taste; when he enters the recording studio, he has a clear vision of what he wants his next record to sound like. Aside from…

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