Blues, Harmonica, Teacher

My name is Ronnie Shellist. I’ve spent over two decades teaching and performing with the harmonica. I strive to offer incredibly enjoyable and easy-to-follow instruction for all kinds of learners. I enjoy digging deep into the nuances of technique that go along with learning blues harmonica; as well as examining conceptual approaches to learning and practicing the instrument. So, you’ll find that many of my lessons take these approaches.

My focus is blues, but I can also show you how to build a solid foundation on the instrument for any type of music you want to play. If you’ve never heard me play or teach, check out my YouTube Channel.  Let me help you take your playing to the next level whether you are a hobbyist, or making your way through the professional ranks. Be sure to check out my Skype lessons and audio feedback sessions; as well as my digital download lessons on this site.

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