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3rd Position Blues Licks – C Harmonica

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In this audio download lesson, I cover 20 different?3rd position blues licks.

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In this audio download lesson, I cover 20 different 3rd position blues licks.

I begin the lesson discussing how and when to use 3rd position. If you want to be able to play minor keys, this is the lesson for you. In addition to breaking down each lick note for note and discussing nuances, I also demo each lick over backing tracks so you can hear how they flow and sound over music.

Also included, are ‘written tabs’ for the licks so you can follow along. By the way, that’s George “Harmonica” Smith in the picture. He’s the undisputed king of 3rd position blues. Check him out! Also, if you like this have a look at my first position blues lesson.



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