William Clarke Riffs class recording


Download the PDF of notes and class link (embedded inside of notes) at checkout. If you have any issues email Ronnie at info@harmonica123.com

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Join Ronnie Shellist for a bit of a social and learning opportunity. Don’t misunderstand the nature of this class. We will definitely be learning some great riffs from the incredible William Clarke, my favorite player of all time.  Bring your favorite beverage and come hang out on a Friday night as we delve deep into some amazing music from this one of a kind player. William Clarke had more passion, technique and creativity than any other player I can think of right now. He is a legend! I’m going through a bunch of his releases and selecting some of my all time favorite riffs from various cuts so we can break this down and learn them.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, there will be something to chew on in this class. I plan on slowly revealing the tablature live in class as we ear train these ideas. It will work like this: First, we’ll hear the phrase a few times, then I’ll play it slowly for everyone. Your goal is to first see what you can find with no help other than your ears. Then, after a few passes, I’ll offer up more insight as I share the tabs with everyone piece by piece. I’ll reveal just a few key notes at a time so you can test your ear as we go along. I will eventually reveal the exact tabs to everyone for each idea. We will spend approximately 20 minutes on each phrase so we can also extract and discuss all of the details, nuance with regards to technique etc. Come sip and learn with Ronnie!!




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