Amplified blues harmonica class recording


The class notes and class recording link can be downloaded at checkout. After clicking “place order”, the next page will have a link to click to download the pdf of notes including the class link. It will say Downloads and underneath you will see “amplified blues harp class notes and link”. Simply click that to begin your download. Here’s an after thought/demonstration from Ronnie: https://youtu.be/Pi8T7jTepig

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Check out the class recording and notes from this class.   We delve deep into all things “amplified blues harp” including but not limited to the following:

  • how to set the amp for the best tone (from small amps to the Fender Bassman)
  • how to avoid feedback issues and get the volume you need
  • pairing mics with amps. finding the right combination.
  • microphone technique for maximum bass response and big fat tone
  • amp placement on stage
  • practical advice on what gear you really need
  • light discussion on most important pedals to consider and how to set those


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