Amplified blues harmonica pt 2 (small group class) SOLD OUT


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Saturday November 21st 11-2pm Central

In this class, you will get some one on one time with Ronnie Shellist where you can play and we can work on problem solving your unique challenges to improve your amplified sound (i.e. hand technique etc.) and I will help you dial in your personal amp that you own. The one on one sessions within the class would last 15 minutes per person so we can keep things moving for the sake of the group. That should be plenty of time for me to help you. This class takes place in Zoom Meeting so you WILL be able to turn on your mic and video for the entire class.

For my group presentation session (approximately 30 min presentation), I’ll get deeper into hand effects that I use while playing amplified.  I will build off of the primary technique I taught in the first class. I’ll show you how I mix it up when playing and how I put it all together in a solo over 12-24 bars. When you hear me play, you’ll see these various hand approaches in action and then I can take a round of questions from the group in a Q&A session. I will record the entire event so you can download it later.

After the event, you will also have another opportunity to submit a final video for review by Ronnie after you’ve had a week or so to process the feedback and work on your technique. I think this is going to be a very unique opportunity for everyone involved. Remember..this class is limited to 10 people so if you’re interested don’t wait to sign up.

  • amp (small to mid-sized amps recommended but larger amps ok)
  • bullet microphone (or another mic that works with your amp)
  • laptop or desktop computer (recommended)
  • usb microphone (recommended so I can hear you with suitable audio quality)


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