Back Porch Blues Harp class recording


You can download the PDF at check out for the class link, notes and audio files.

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This class is basically a spin off from the Front Porch Blues Harp class. If you attended or purchased the recording to that class, then you have an idea of the style of blues harpin’ that we will be doing here. In the back porch blues harp class, I have outlined 7 different (all new) jams that you can play all on your own with no accompaniment. We will get into a few Howlin’ Wolf inspired porch jams, some funky jams and even some Big Walter influenced solo playing.

So, if you’re into solo playing where you are the groove maker and melody maker, then this class is for you. It will include some tablature and follow up audio files for quick reference of each jam. The entire event will be recorded so if you purchase a ticket, the recording link is automatically sent out to your email after class ends.


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