Bend heavy blues riffs class recording


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Join me, Ronnie Shellist, as I take you through some really cool 2nd position blues riffs that contain plenty of bends. Learning how to implement bends, or sometimes multiple bends, into your riffs is crucial. The ideas that I share will cover the vast majority of available bends, including the elusive two draw 1/2 step bend and the 3 draw step and 1/2 bend. You’ll walk away with some fresh bluesy riffs to begin working on perfecting and bringing into your improvisation.

I’ll also play the ideas over a backing track so you can see how you might phrase the ideas. Each time you move to a different style/tempo, your job will be to work on that rephrasing of the riffs. The idea of taking one lick and working it to those various styles and tempos, is such a great exercise. Phrasing is the name of the game here. Changing short notes to long notes and experimenting with rearranging the amount of rest you place between notes is the key.



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