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Beyond tongue blocking 101 recording with James Conway


Download the PDF at checkout for the class recording link and notes.

Join me online in this Zoom webinar with special guest, James Conway, in this class focused on all of the various tongue blocking techniques. The entire event will be recorded so you can watch later even if you do not attend live. Tongue blocking is one of the single most important techniques to learn on the 10 hole diatonic harmonica if you want to play blues. It’s simply inherent in the blues harp language that we hear. You don’t have to be an exclusive player but it’s crucial to incorporate some tongue blocking to get that sweet sound!

In this class we will break down the technique and discuss ways to incorporate each of the following tongue blocking approaches:

  • single notes (including slaps/pulls)
  • octaves & splits
  • flutters
  • trills¬†
  • tongue switching
  • bending in the TB embouchure

If you’re not familiar with James Conway, he is truly a treasure in the harmonica community. He’s an amazing teacher and one of the finest tongue blockers that I know. He’s an incredible blues musician and has a specialization in Irish/Folk music. He’s one of the best tongue block players on the scene and his technique and approach are super refined. There are tongue blocking techniques such as tongue switching and advanced trills, that James has perfected that I simply don’t utilize. You’ll walk away with a thorough understanding of what each of those terms means, a breakdown of the technique itself and some ideas on how to use it in your music.

As a special bonus, my good friend, and harmonica master Joe Filisko, will be making a cameo appearance during the event. Joe will be stopping by at some point for about 10 minutes or so to demonstrate his tongue block trainer tool. This will allow you to see how his tongue is positioned while he engages in various TB techniques. Joe is considered to be one of the top tongue blocking players on the planet. Joe’s website.

We will utilize a C and A harmonica for this class and everything will be recorded for playback.


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