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Join me as we discover how to apply and blend the techniques available on a diatonic harmonica. We will explore the following techniques: warble, dirty notes, hand wah, tongue blocking techniques (flutters, slaps, octaves) and vibrato.

We will use a C and A harmonica and explore ideas in 2nd position primarily but the principles will all apply to any position that you choose to play. This concept can work well with riffs or melodies so we will explore a bit of each.

We will examine three distinct angles in class:
  1. Utilizing techniques as standalone approaches to improvisation
  2. Combining  techniques into one sound (i.e. dirty notes and vibrato)
  3. Blending of techniques within a riff , musical phrase or melody  (this will be the focal point of the class)

I highly recommend viewing the “Essential Blues harp technique class” first.


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