Blow bending & Overblowing class


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A & C harmonicas (some demo on a G, Bb, Ab but not needed)

For this class, we are going to break down the differences between overblowing and blow bending. These 2 terms are misused and misunderstood more than any other blues harmonica techniques.

I’ll spend some time discussing the mechanics of how I get a blow bend vs an overblow and where these notes are located.

Finally, we’ll examine some ideas to provide us with context of how these techniques are used in blues. For blow bending we will primarily work on 1st position ideas and for overblowing, I’ll bring in 2nd position ideas.

When we cover overblows, I will only be teaching examples containing the 6 OB. The 6 OB is the most important and commonly used overblow (it’s the same note as the -3′ (1/2 step bend). I like to occasionally bring in that ultra bluesy note as it helps to open up the middle register which lacks expression compared to the low end of the harmonica. I am happy to briefly discuss  how I to get overdraws as well. This is not something I would typically bring into blues harp in my own playing but I can see some application.

I’ll even cover one of my own songs that contains this 6 overblow, “Reposado Rock”, an instrumental found on the first release from The Dig 3. Have a listen to the song here. See if you can identify the 6 overblow in the intro of the song.

This class is recommend for anyone just getting started with these techniques or folks that are looking for more clarity on the mechanics and a bit of context as to how to incorporate them into your playing.


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