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Blues Jargon, Grooves, Styles & Phrasing Class Recording

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Please download 2 PDFs at checkout, located under the Download column. The first is the notes contain the recording link embedded at the top of the notes. The second PDF contains links to download the backing tracks and audio demonstrations from Ronnie.

Featured guest artist/teacher, Tommy Harkenrider, is a phenomenal west coast guitarist. He joins in on this class with his guitar demonstrating the grooves so you can play along with him. This class includes notes, the class recording (streaming or downloading), backing tracks and an audio download of Ronnie demonstrating the phrasing to the tracks.

This class has 2 distinct objectives.

#1) To help you learn more about the jargon used to describe the most common blues grooves and styles through song examples provided for each one. This class will be extremely helpful when it comes to recognizing and communicating those styles to other musicians in a jam or band setting. In all, I’ll present 17 of the most important styles of blues with song examples. The list includes, the terminology, the song name and a very short description of what’s going on from either the guitarist, bass and/or drummer’s perspective in some cases. Also listed is the key of the song and the 2nd position harmonica key.

#2) The other part of the class will involve taking a 2nd position riff and demonstrating the various ways it can  be played in several of the songs. Various key harmonicas will be used for this but it isn’t necessary that you own all of those keys. I will select, at minimum, 10 songs from the list to demonstrate this. This is wonderful way to work on phrasing. The riff that I select will first be taught to the class and then we will explore how it would sound played in each song. We can also explore how the riff lays out over introductions, V chords, turnarounds etc.

A few of the styles included in this class are stop time, swing, rock, Bo Diddley, rumba from Albert King etc. At checkout, you will be able to download a PDF of the full list of all 17 song examples so you can begin to listen to the songs. Some of the descriptions might be updated between now and class.  I’ll be sure to email out the updated notes if that happens. There is a YouTube playlist which is embedded in the notes but you can also simply look up the songs and create your own playlist depending on what music player you prefer.

The idea here is that by the end of the class you’ll be much more familiar with  the terminology associated with these established blues grooves and styles. This is essential when playing in a band or in a jam setting.  The examples presented in class will serve as a template for working on phrasing with other riffs and in other positions.


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