Blues Riffs In Motion class recording


C & A harmonicas used for this class. Please download the PDF at checkout, which includes notes and the class link , after you click “Place Order”. Further communications regarding this class will always be sent to your email associated with your payment method.

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Check out this recorded class and notes. 

What’s better than learning some great blues riffs? Learning how to put them in motion over various styles of blues. For many folks, learning the ideas are enjoyable and helpful but understanding how to apply those ideas to a song is an entirely different skill set. It all comes down to adjusting the phrasing of the riff from one style of blues to the next.

In this class we will do just that. We will take the blues licks that were taught in the “Slow Motion Blues Riffs” class and apply them to various backing tracks so you can learn how to apply those ideas musically. We will use a C and A harmonica for this class.


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