Bluesy triplet licks class recording


Please download the PDF (at checkout). This contains the class notes which have the class recording hyper-linked at the top. Thank you!
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This class will focus around learning a bunch of triplet licks that you can bring into your improvisation. In music theory, a triplet is defined as a three-note group that can be played in the same time duration as a two-note group. These licks can be played over a slow or fast tempo song and will really set off your improvisation game! They can be played in conjunction with other licks to form longer or ideas or repeated to build tension and/or speed.

In this class we will be breaking down a bunch of triplets all over the harmonica. We will stick to 2nd position primarily but I’ll demonstrate how you can bring them into 1st and 3rd position as well. Here’s a great example of a triplet lick from one of my older videos back in 2006. I get asked about this lick all the time! Of course, I’ll include this idea in class. Everything will be recorded for playback and you’ll have notes to go along with this class


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