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Christmas songs with Joe Filisko class

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harmonica keys used in this class: G, A, C

If you love Christmas songs and you love Joe Filisko, then you’ll want to catch this class! There will be tablature and notes included with this class. Everything will be recorded for playback/download. Joe has been sharing Christmas tunes from his YouTube channel for many years now. Check it out. This ought to get you pumped up and in the spirit for this class. 

Joe Filisko covers the following songs:

“I Saw Three Ships” – One of the easiest with no bending and can be played in two octaves

“Little Drummer Boy” – I have an arrangement that uses 2 harps, G and C with no bending. We will practice the rolling R’s sound on the chords to get that snare going. 

“Silent Night” – Low octave requires bending in straight harp but high octave does not. Good harp song!

“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” – 3rd and 5th arrangements have killer melody bending on holes 2 and 3 but 4th has no bending in the high octave.

“Go Tell It On The Mountain” – One of the best cross harp melodies. Killer bending skills required on hole 3 but melody also fits great with rhythmic ghost chording giving it a Chicago Blues vibe

Ronnie covers “Jingle Bells” on the low end of the harmonica in 2nd position. This class includes a donwloadable class recording and all notes.


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