Classic Little Walter riffs class recording


Download the PDF of the class notes and class recording link at checkout under the Download column. It will be one single PDF with the notes and recording link embedded inside of the notes up top.

This class covers a handful of Little Walter riffs that every blues harmonica player should know. All of the ideas covered will be in 2nd position/cross harmonica. A few tunes which are essential classic hits, that are not covered in this class, are offered in other recorded classes: “Can’t Hold Out Much Longer” and “Blue Midnight“.

We will ear train these riffs, break them down note by note and discuss Walter’s technique utilized. I will select some of my favorites riffs from each song. Join Ronnie Shellist and build your blues harp vocabulary from one of the all time greatest players that ever walked this planet.  Here are the songs that we will examine in class:

  • Juke (A harmonica, 2nd position)
  • My Babe (Bb harmonica, 2nd position)
  • Last Night (G harmonica, 2nd position)
  • Blues with a Feeling (D harmonica, 2nd position)
  • Sad Hours (Bb harmonica, 2nd position)
  • Quarter to Twelve (Bb harmonica, 2nd position)
  • Off The Wall (C harmonica 2nd position)


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