Developing fluidity class


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C harmonica

Developing musical fluidity in your phrasing is a key part of switching things up when you improvise. This class will take you through some exercises and blues licks centered around this fluid style of phrasing. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to mix this approach into your playing.

It begins with relaxing the body and connecting on a more subtle level, with your breathing. From there, you can examine the specific techniques that also help us to express fluidity on a higher level. So, there’s something for beginners and beginner intermediate players to consider in this class as well.

We will work on jaw movements, advanced bending and licks that are conducive to this approach so you’ll have context and ideas to work on. It’s a bit like taking 3 classes in one: advanced bending, pattern recognition and developing speed. I’ve taught all 3 of those classes but never explained how they’re all connected and how to achieve maximum fluidity in ones’ approach. You’ll walk away with some great exercises and licks; as well as understand how to utlize this approach in your improvisation.


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