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Download the PDF at checkout which will contain class notes and recording link inside of the notes.
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We will use an A harmonica to work on 2nd and a few 3rd position licks.

Think about your average 3-6 note lick that you might already be playing. How much time have you spent building the core of that musical idea into a longer, new idea? It’s possible to develop and grow your ideas by adding notes after the original idea or by bringing in new notes before the original idea.

For this class, I am encouraging attendees, after signing up, to submit 1 or 2 licks (in 2nd or 3rd position) that you are already playing. I will select a handful of these ideas as the source of the licks that we will use in class to develop. We’ll start by playing the original ideas first. It’s crucial that the beginning lick is approximately 3-6 notes so we can have room to work on building it out.

I’ll have the white board up so we can see the original ideas and work on evolving each idea in real time during class. I will not be pre-determining the ideas but rather working with you in class so we can just organically build out new, longer ideas. You’ll even have the chance to contribute to the new ideas via the chat box.  Then, after class, I’ll send a PDF copy of the whiteboard and all of the ideas that we created so you can review them. You’ll walk away from this class with some fresh longer licks and hopefully some inspiration of how you can do this with all of your riffs.


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