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Class duration: 1hr 45 min 

Harmonicas: G, A, C

Join Ronnie Shellist to  ear training many of the classic blues harmonica sounds, techniques, intervals (octaves and major 3rds); as well as some blues riffs.  For this class, you’ll be told what key harmonica Ronnie is using but nothing else. Your goal will be to figure out what technique, note or blues riff is being played and where on the harmonica. Before building muscle memory, you really need to train your ears to be able to identify the sounds that you hear.

We will begin with some warm up and easier ideas first. You’ll have a chance to see if you can identify things like: warbles, flutters, vibratos, bends, octaves/splits, vibrato etc.. For things that would be a dead giveaway due to the visual clues, you’ll also have a chance to look away before the technique is produced so you can have the ultimate ear training challenge. So, let’s say you figure out that the sound is a warble, you’ll then have to identify which 2 holes the warble is being played on. If it’s a vibrato, which hole and how low is the bend going? The answers will be revealed in class after you have had a chance to find and reproduce the sound or riff.

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