12 bar & Improvisation Training class recording


Download the PDF containing the class notes and class recording embedded inside of the notes. You can also download the slowed down tracks that I used in class (3 in all).
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You will need the following harmonica keys for this class: A, D, C


Join Ronnie Shellist for a class centered around various improvisation practice points in 2nd position:

  1. quick change/quick IV
  2. come in from the V chord
  3. stops on I or IV chords
  4. turnarounds including the 2 5 1 turnaround
  5. tag endings
  6. integrating partial basslines

We will use various practice tracks that come from the Ultimate Blues Jam Acoustic practice track series.  These shorter tracks target and isolate various portions of the 12 bar blues and demonstrate approaches to how you can practice improvisation in a more focused fashion. I recommend purchasing the Ultimate Blues Jam Acoustic practice tracks series as I will be using tracks from this product to demonstrate the concepts/approaches. You can also continue using the tracks for practicing your improvisation approaches beyond this class.

This class will help you gain a better understanding of the terminology and provide you with ideas on how you can interact with various improvisation approaches approaches.  We will have an open Q&A throughout the class to clear up any questions you have.


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