Front Porch Blues Harp Class with Ronnie Shellist


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Join Ronnie Shellist for this 2 hour online class with a Q&A via the chat box on November 16th at 10am Pacific,12pm Central, 1pm Eastern. I will be streaming live on YouTube through an unlisted link. You can watch on your computer or your smartphone no problem.  I will be covering various ways to improvise, with no accompaniment, 12 bar blues on the 10 hole diatonic harmonica. I’ll include combinations of bass lines, chordal rhythms and riffs  and show how I”m mixing things up to be a one man show. I’ll cover different types of grooves, rhythms as we go through exploring these fun “front porch blues harp” jams. As you become a better “solo” player you’ll also improve your ability to present these ideas in the context of a duo or band setting. The entire event is recorded so you can review it indefinitely when it ends or catch it later if you cannot make it live. Cost is $20.

We will use a C & A harmonica.


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