Global Blues Harmonica Summit featuring Filip Jers recording


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One of my  biggest inspirations in the world of jazz harmonica is Filip Jers. I began watching his YouTube videos about 10 years ago and came across his version of “Black Orpheus” which blew my mind. He plays it in A minor on a C diatonic harmonica which is 4th position. My first thought was that I didn’t notice any overblowing used in the melody. I sat down and learned the song by ear, listening to his video over and over. This has been one of the most exciting melodies that I have ever learned on the harmonica. It’s totally approachable if you can bend. Here is his version of “Black Orpheus”:

For this summit, Filip will be teaching the song “Black Orpheus” in 4th position. If you already play 2nd position (and perhaps some 3rd position), then this song is completely approachable with no overblowing or overdrawing used. It is a gorgeous melody and once you learn it, 4th position will not seem so scary. It’s a lovely minor position for so many great jazz standards and beyond. Fililp is going to also provide scale work to accompany the melody so there will be plenty of notes offered up in addition to the recording of the entire summit when the event is over. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from a master player and long time teacher.

More About Filip

Filip Jers is an international known harmonica player from Stockholm, Sweden. At the age of 34 he has performed in almost 30 countries; Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Harmonica is his main instrument and in 2011 he graduated with a Master Degree in Music from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

Filip Jers has won two golds at World Harmonica Festival 2005 in Trossingen, Germany. He has been given numerous awards through the years most recently his jazz quartet was selected as “Best Group” at the European Jazz Competition in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Filip Jers works regularly with Filip Jers Quartet and as a quest soloist in different projects. Jers has been featured on more than 30 CD’s as a recording artist, playing harmonica. Filip Jers is one the most sought harmonica players in Europe and he is gaining more and more reputation over the world. Besides playing concerts he teaches harmonica and music to hungry students. Filip Jers is an “International Suzuki Harmonica Artist”, he is endorsing and playing harmonicas made by Suzuki Harmonicas from Japan.


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