Global Blues Harmonica Summit Recording: Mickey Raphael


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Join Ronnie Shellist as he features one of the finest harmonica players on the planet, Mickey Raphael. Mickey has been playing with Willie Nelson as Willie’s featured harmonica player for 45 years. His experience as a sideman, studio musician and more are second to none. He currently also tours with CMA and Grammy winner Chris Stapleton who is an incredible singer/songwriter. Mickey’s approach is very melodic and he has one of the most incredible musical sensibility knowing exactly when to come in and out in a song all while having this buttery smooth tone.

We will spend about 1.5-2hrs with Mickey talking a bit about his musical experiences with Willie Nelson and beyond.  We will also have a chance to discuss his most common scales and runs that he likes to use. I also want to ask him a few questions regarding his gear and technique. I think this will make for a wonderfully balanced day of learning and hanging with one of greatest harmonica legends around.


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