Global Blues Harmonica Summit: Shane Sager recording


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Songs of Sting and lessons from the road and beyond

Imagine you are a young blues focused harmonica player and one day you have the opportunity to audition to go on tour with the one and only, Sting! It seems like a pipe dream or like winning the lottery, right? This is exactly what happened to Shane Sager.

Now 28, Shane Sager is one of the new up and coming harmonica players on the scene; for the last three years he has been on tour with multi-platinum artist Sting as a featured soloist. Coming from a blues background and listening to greats like William Clarke and Paul Delay, he plays both diatonic and chromatic harmonica. We will spend a couple of hours with Shane talking about his experience working with Sting, breaking down some songs from his iconic catalog, and learning a bit about his approach to nerves, practice, and the importance of “always being the student”.

In this summit, we will have two distinct sessions. The first portion of the summit will be focused on the following topics: minimal playing and use of effects, playing parts as they relate to the songs, dealing with nerves and song interpretation.  In the second portion of the summit, Shane will be breaking down a few harmonica parts that he has incorporated into some of the most iconic Sting songs. This should make for an extremely enjoyable and educational experience as we will be learning to step outside of just blues harmonica and understand how this instrument relates to Sting’s eclectic music.



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