Global Blues Harmonica Summit: Tone Seminar Recording


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Global Blues Harmonica Summit

Tone Seminar featuring Hank Shreve, Nic Clark and Ronnie Shellist


Two of my favorite players when it comes to tone are Hank Shreve and Nic Clark. These two guys have an incredibly huge sound no matter what they are playing on the harmonica. Each of them plays both diatonic and chromatic harmonica.

Think about your favorite players and now imagine each one of them playing the same riff/notes. Would it sound the same? No, of course not but each player would have a great sound and their own unique tone. This is what will make this such a unique event as we will be co-teaching and discussing our own personal thoughts on various topics related to tone. You’ll get all 3 of our approaches, techniques and more as we each go back and forth on these topics.

We will cover general tips for getting great tone and also discuss tone as it relates to various techniques and attacks on the harmonica. Producing a good tone on the harmonica requires various changes or tweaks when focusing on different parts of the instrument or particular techniques. We can further adjust tone and dial in nuance to further enhance our range of tone and overall sound.  In this summit, you’ll get the viewpoint from Hank Shreve, Nic Clark and Ronnie Shellist as they simultaneously tackle various topics related to producing good tone. So, it will be one big session featuring all 3 instructors at once with a short break in the middle. We will also take questions from the group as we go.

Interrelated topics that we will be discussing

  • breath control
  • posture
  • hand technique
  • embouchure
  • technique specific tone
  • emotion and tone
  • dynamics
  • mic technique, (acoustic/amp)
  • types of intentional tone that we can create
  • relaxation and mindset



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