Global Blues Harmonica Summit with John Németh recording


There are 4 downloads available for this class  including John’s 3 new songs that we will be discussing in class and a PDF containing the class notes (tabs) and class recording link embed inside. If you miss them at check out, they are automatically emailed to you. If you can’t locate them, reach out to

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Recording of the summit with John Nemeth

John has been at the top of his game now for over a decade with multiple music nominations and awards. He’s considered to be one fo the top blues vocalists and showmen around. John is also a polished blues harp player with some innovative approaches that tend to fit his music perfectly.

In this summit, we will focus in on John’s experience leading a band and discuss the role his harmonica playing has in his song writing. Specifically we will be examining 3 brand new songs from John that cover  1st, 2nd & 3rd position. “Chain Breaker” in 2nd position on a D harmonica, “Work for Love” in 3rd position on an F harmonica and “She’s my punisher” in 1st position on a G harmonica. These songs will be available to download at checkout so you can begin listening to them. They come included with the cost of the summit. We will be talking about how the harmonica and various positions (1st 2nd & 3rd) set the vibe of each song and how you can really “sell the song”, as John says. Check these tracks from John at his website:


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