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“Got my mojo working”..one song, 3 masters class recording


Be sure to download the PDF at checkout which contains the class notes and recording link.

This guest artist class will be a co-teaching effort between Nic Clark and Ronnie Shellist. About a year ago, Nic approached me with this idea for a class. I was immediately drawn to it and knew that I wanted to offer this up via Harmonica123.

Over the 50 + years of Muddy Water’s musical career, he recorded with multiple harmonica players on several of his recordings. He also recorded a few hit songs more than once with notable harmonica players such as James Cotton, Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, Paul Oscher etc.

In this class, we will dive into 3 versions of “Got my Mojo Working”. The harmonica players that we will examine are: James Cotton, Little Walter, Paul Butterfield. By taking a closer listen to these songs and the various approaches from each player, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of not only how to play these songs but also the differences in how each player approached the melody parts, the attack, tone, fills etc. ¬†From there, you can distill your favorite parts from each player into your own version. This is how we begin to develop our own voice and sound on the instrument.



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