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Join me online as I take you through the most common blues basslines  on the diatonic harmonica. We are gonna groove! We will use a C & A harmonica for this class. Learning  basslines is not only fun but it serves a few important purposes. The first is that you can use these basslines to accompany the band when you’re not soloing or even bring in the band with a bassline. Sometimes, you can bring them into the improvisation and modify the lines which will discuss and demonstrate in class. I’ll be focused on the following basslines. This class includes all tablature, class recording link and follow audio practice tracks for each bassline. You should be up and grooving in no time!

  • Walking bassline #1
  • Walking bassline #2
  • Walking bassline #3
  • Walking bassline #4 upper octave walking bassline
  • Box Pattern (descending and ascending)
  • New Orleans style
  • Rumba
  • Funk/Tramp/Boogaloo lines
  • 2nd Funk Line (Cleo’s Mood)
  • Slow blues
  • Stroll
  • Bonus 1st position walking bassline


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