Guest artist class recording: Annie Raines


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The queen of blues harp is gracing us with her presence. I can honestly say that, in my opinion, Annie Raines has some of the biggest tone out there, period. Her approach to blues harp is played so masterfully and directly from the heart! Her influences run deep but Chicago blues is big part of her sound. She has the Big Walter and Little Walter stuff down pat!

Annie is also a heavy tongue block player and has such an incredible ear for layering texture into her playing.. As a young woman at the age of 20, she played with some of the greatest living legends of the blues, such as Louis Meyer, on of the founding members of The Aces, who backed up Little Walter on his recordings, James Cotton and many others.

Annie has been playing with Paul Rishell in a country blues duo for 30 years. The fact that she has mastered the country blues approach and the Chicago blues harp sound, makes her an extremely rare and special musician.


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