Guest artist class with Buddy Greene


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Meet the man who took a diatonic harmonica into Carnegie Hall and absolutely blew away the crowd with his classical music medley, Mr. Buddy Greene. Buddy lives in Nashville, TN and stays very busy recording and performing bluegrass, gospel, jazz, folk and many styles of music. His famous Carnegie Hall clip can be found here. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out. It’s absolutely incredible.

We will begin the class with an introduction to Buddy’s musical background and beginnings. I’ll shoot some harmonica centric questions his way so we can get a better idea of his approach to playing the instrument, technique that he is using etc.

From there, Buddy has 2 great ideas for class: The first one is finding melodies on the diatonic harmonica. Specifically, he will cover a portion of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in 2nd position. So, you’ll have a chance to play a portion of that and possibly “Paper Moon” with Buddy. “Paper Moon” is one of my all time favorite, and very approachable, jazz standards to play on a diatonic. Even if you’re a blues harp freak like me, I think you’ll still find this interesting and helpful to your playing.

The other idea that he wants to discuss is how he finds parts to songs from other instruments, such as the fiddle. Buddy will provide some tablature for a portion of a fiddle tune that we can try together; as well as tablature for the melodies mentioned above.

Finally, we will discuss Buddy’s Carnegie Hall performance, how he prepared for it (this is going to blow your mind!) and we’ll get to hear his take, first hand, on what the experience was like. Of course, your questions are welcome if you can attend live. If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, the recording will be waiting for you when we wrap up.



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