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Guest artist-Guy Forsyth “Leading a band” class recording


Join Ronnie Shellist and Guy Forsyth for this guest artist class. In this class, we will be focused on learning the essentials of communicating with and leading a band. In addition to the main topic, I will also be asking guy about choosing positions and approaching improvisation.

Guy Forsyth was Ronnie’s first introduction to live blues harmonica and the reason he decided to begin playing. If you like Ronnie’s approach, you’re going to learn a lot more about where some of this influence comes from by learning from Guy Forsyth.

What will be covered in this class?
  • Counting in the band (coming in¬†together, from the V chord etc.)
  • Setting the groove
  • Quick IV vs Long IV
  • Calling breaks where the entire band stops with you
  • Controlling band dynamics
  • Bring in the band with just the harmonica
  • Ending a song
  • Choosing positions (additional topic)
  • Developing solos (additional topic)


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