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Gussow/Shellist: Woodshedding with our Top Influences class recording


Be sure to download the PDF at checkout. This contains the Zoom class recording link and notes.
Woodshedding with our Top influencers: How I got my sound

The entire class will be recorded in case you cannot attend live or would like to review the class after it ends. 

If you’re a player in search of your own sound, then you won’t want to miss this
workshop, featuring Ronnie Shellist and Adam Gussow, Zoom-live from Adam’s house
in Oxford, Mississippi. This is the first in-person, virtual event that we’ve offered.If you ask any established player, they’ll tell you that they spent time in the woodshed,
back in the day, stealing licks from a range of recordings and slowly amalgamating
those influences into “their” sound. So which players did Ronnie and Adam key on
when they were in that developmental phase, and how did each player help them shape
their own distinctive approaches? That’s the focus of this 90-minute workshop.Adam’s hall of fame includes two harmonica players (Paul Butterfield, Big Walter) and a
pair of sax players (Houston Person, Hank Crawford). Ronnie’s woodshed will feature Sonny
Boy Williamson II, William Clarke and Kim Wilson. In addition to these harmonica players, Ronnie
will touch on how he also brought elements of guitarist Grant Green’s playing into his approach.
Each of us will cite specific examples of techniques, riffs, phrasing and the
way that various players’ tone has  impacted our playing.We will be co-teaching together throughout the entire class. This way, you’ll get bothRonnie’s and Adam’s perspective on each player that we present. Together, we’ll
woodshed a handful of specific examples from these players, so you’ll have some
concrete examples to practice. If you’ve always wondered how Ronnie and Adam
developed their sound and approach to playing, don’t miss this class!



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