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*After purchasing, you will receive a pdf download containing the class link in your email associated with payment. This class was not recorded in Zoom so you can only stream NOT download the class as it was captured via a private YouTube stream*

Join Ronnie Shellist and Nic Clark for an online class focused on explaining the ins/outs of various harmonicas, amplifiers, microphones and pedals. We will be demonstrating them, discussing differences, and taking questions in this 2 hour class. The entire event is recorded so you can go back and watch it later. This will be taking place via an unlisted YouTube live stream (just like the country blues class we recently offered). You will receive a class link to join the class live on October 18th or watch the recording after it’s over.  Sign up today!

We will be covering the following topics:

  • harmonica brands/models- Ronnie will break down the differences between models in the Hohner diatonic line and some chromatic harmonicas. We will also discuss our thoughts on other manufacturers and how those harmonicas differ in tone, feel and playability.
  • microphones- for both acoustic and amplified.  We will share hand technique and approaches for both types.
  • amplifiers-we will feature a few popular “harmonica” amps so you can hear with various mic combos, discuss setting the amps for harmonica; as well as  other good options available on the market today
  • pedals-we will be featuring some Lone Wolf Blues Co. pedals: delay, lil red, reverb, clean cat AND Memphis Blues Amps pedals: delay, boost and little fatty pedal!
  • random harmonica accessories-harmonica stands, bullet mic holders and more
  • Q&A: we will leave time for questions through the chat box


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