Harmonica123 Gold Membership

$25.00 for each 1 month

Please download the welcome PDF after you place your order.

$21 per month and cancel anytime. What does this get you?

  • access to Ronnie Shellist live in Zoom for 2 “membership exclusive” Q&A session per month
  • turn on your mic and ask your own question during the group session.
  • all sessions recorded and archived for playback or download for 30 days
  • option to submit monthly audio/video recording to Ronnie for direct feedback
  • exclusive Gold Member monthly Harmonica123 coupon for classes, summits or downloads

Are you looking for a way to get targeted feedback from a professional harmonica player? Ronnie Shellist’s  Harmonica123 Gold Membership will help you get to the next level in your playing. When you sign up for this monthly subscription you will gain access to 2 exclusive one hour group Q&A sessions inside of the Zoom platform with Ronnie Shellist.

During these sessions, members are on video one at time to ask a quick question or two and together as a community we will be learning from one another. This is a feature that is not available to students during Harmonica123 classes where you can only use the Q&A chat. By being able to access your microphone, you can play for Ronnie and problem solve challenges specific to you.

The online group sessions will take place on the

  • the 2nd Thursday each month at 3pm Pacific/5pm Central/6pm Eastern
  • the last Sunday each month at 10am Pacific/ 12pm Central/1pm Eastern

Cancel your membership anytime and all of the sessions will be recorded and archived up to 30 days so you can download or play them back to see what you might have missed. You can attend all 2 sessions or catch the ones you can and watch the rest later. The greatest benefit will be learning from each other and having a chance to get Ronnie’s full attention during your time to ask a question.


In addition to all of the Silver Member benefits mentioned above, the gold membership also includes the following:

  • option to submit one audio or video file per month to Ronnie Shellist for direct feedback. These clips are submitted to info@harmonica123.com and you will receive an email response from Ronnie with an mp3 audio file containing Ronnie’s feedback.
  • exclusive Gold Member coupons each month that can be applied to online classes, global blues harmonica summits or downloadable material from Harmonica123.com (coupons will offer $5 off).


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