Upper Register class recording


Be sure to download the PDF containing the class notes and recording link.

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We will work on developing skill and musical ideas on holes 6-10. Key harmonicas: A, D, G & C

Here’s the game plan:

Step 1. Learn to get clean draw/blow notes with plenty of volume with proper technique, specifically focusing on breath control & embouchure as they relate to the high end of the diatonic harmonica.   We will troubleshoot technique issues. 

Step 2. Blow bending can be used in any position so it’s an important skill to develop. We will cover the blow bending technique on higher vs lower key harmonicas. We’ll also examine the context of those bends in step 3 & 4. 

Step 3. Let’s learn a few ideas and looping riffs in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position on holes 6-10 so you can begin building more muscle memory and pattern recognition on the high register. We will use a slow blues track in A. 

Step 4. Learn a melody, “Amazing Grace”, on holes 6-10 with just blow and draw notes and then work the blow bends into the melody as embellishment notes for a bluesier touch with more feel.


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