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Horn lines pt 1 class recording


Download the PDF containing the class notes (with recording link inside of notes) at checkout after you click Place Order. You will see a column on the right hand side titled “Dowloads” where you can download the notes and some practice tracks.

Join me as we learn  2 great songs with some heavyweight saxophone players, Fathead Newman and Jackie McLean and one incredibly smooth trumpet player, Art Farmer. Both songs are in the key of F and we will learn them in 2nd position, so we will be using a Bb harmonica.

The first song we will be analyzing is the head (:00-:48) to “Cool Struttin‘” by Sonny Clarke featuring the great alto saxophone player Jackie McLean and trumpeter Art Farmer. This was recorded in 1958 on Blue Note. Have a listen to the song by clicking on the hyperlinked title above. We will be learning the head of the song played by Jackie and Art.

From there, we will dive into the melody on  Hard Times, from tenor sax player Fathead Newman who played with Ray Charles until ’64. This was one of the most recognized pieces that Fathead adopted in his repertoire and performed many times. Like “Cool Struttin’, Fathead also recorded this in 1958 but didn’t release it until 1960. We will break down the head (:00-41) of this song which can be heard by clicking the song name above.

These 2 melodies/heads are perfect to learn so you can begin brining in some of these amazing horn lines into 2nd position. They are VERY approachable and do not require any overblows/overdraws. As long as you can bend, you will absolutely learn some great ideas in this class.


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