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This is now sold as a recorded class with notes.

In this class we will use a C and A harmonica and discuss how you can best develop a hybrid approach to playing the harmonica. What does that mean? It means that the player uses multiple embouchures (the way a player applies his/her mouth to a wind instrument) when playing the harmonica. Certain movements, phrasing or sounds can determine when to use one versus the other.

Who should consider this class?

  • pucker exclusive players. we all need some tongue blocking to play the blues.
  • hybrid players that are struggling to integrate with fluidity
  • exclusive tongue block players who are stuck in their playing and are curious to learn more about this approach.

In this class I will be discussing the way that I have developed mixing both puckering and tongue blocking in my playing. I will get into very specific riff examples so you can hear these two approaches in action. There will be plenty of discussion about switching back and forth mid riff and when you might consider remaining in one embouchure for the entire musical idea and why. There’s so much to explore and I’m really excited to share my detailed approach from bottom to top on the diatonic harmonica. I plan on including a few example practice riffs that you can work on for the hybrid embouchure approach.


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