Intro to 3rd position blues chromatic recording


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For this class, you will need a 12 or 16 hole chromatic in the key of C, as well as a C diatonic harmonica. We will use the diatonic to help you relate to where the notes fall on each harmonica. Here’s what we will be doing in class:

  • We will cover the minor pentatonic and blues scale in two octaves.
  • You will learn how to play those crucial big octaves over the entire harmonica to fatten up your sound; as well as the tongue blocked single note approach.
  • You will learn some great lines to play over various 12 bar blues styles as they relate to the I, IV & V chords. Often with little to no modification, the lines that I share with you will work over various styles and tempos.
  • We will cover the head (intro and outro) to William Clarke’s song “Greasy Gravy”


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