IV & V Chord Riffs class recording


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Are you looking for some fresh ideas to play over the 4 chord and 5 chord of the 12 bar blues? Are you in a rut playing the same old ideas over and over? In this class, we will work on breaking down riffs to play over these chords. There will be some tablature in the class notes download. Once you learn these new 2nd position ideas, you’ll be able to apply them to various styles of blues and other roots music. Ronnie will demonstrate the ideas over some backing tracks so you can hear how the phrasing lays out as well.  Some knowledge of bending is recommended to get the most out of this class.

Please have your C, A and D harmonica ready to go. We will be utilizing starting notes on holes 1-6 and a few higher end riffs as well. While the tablature is there to help you, my hope is that you’ll be eager to attempt them by ear the first time you try to play them. If time allows, I will do some freestyle approach improvisation over the IV and V chords for further exploration. This should open up some doors for new note choices and musical ideas to play over these more elusive portions of the 12 bar blues.


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