Jim Liban’s “All Corned Up” class recording


Be sure to download 3 total items: The the PDF containing the class notes and the two reduced tempo versions of the song in mp3 format at checkout.  You will find these after you click Place Order.

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Join Ronnie Shellist for a really cool song study :”All Corned Up” by master blues harp player, Jim Liban.  This song is played on an A harmonica in 2nd position, key of E and comes from the CD  Hot Tongue and Cold Shoulder. Be sure to have a listen to the song here: https://youtu.be/4l2-TdEPfEc

This product includes all tablature, class video recording for streaming and dwonload; as well as a copy of the original song at full speed, -15% and -20% for practice at a tempo that works for you. I also included some bonus 2nd position riffs that are all draw notes.

What makes this song so special is that Jim is only using draw notes (not a single blow note anywhere) in this 12 bar blues. He also has a way of utilizing the bends that really helps to open up his phrasing. By learning this song, you’ll benefit tremendously as you see how well 2nd position lays out even without blow notes. It is the perfect exercise as you’ll be learning the context of  almost all available bends on the draw notes, including the rarely used -2′.




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