Kim Wilson “Tried to Ruin Me” (1st position)

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A harmonica for this class (1st position blues)

Kim Wilson’s version of the Snooky Pryor song “Tried to Ruin Me” is a stellar song to study. Kim’s 1st position playing is outstanding and this song is one of my favorites. I did a class a long time ago called Kim Wilson introductions where we covered the intro of this song and others.

In this class, we will begin with a review of the introduction but then analyze the fills and solo sections from Kim. What makes this song such a great one to study is that Kim spends a good amount of time on the bottom of the harmonica but also throws in a bit of the high end. You’ll get a very well rounded understanding of Kim’s approach to 1st position. This position is a blast to play over slow blues, shuffles and many other grooves.  For class, I’ll be cherry picking several of Kim’s licks from those fills and solo. If I know myself well, it’s likely that I’ll cover the vast majority of his ideas. 🙂


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