Little Walter’s “Can’t Hold Out Much Longer” class recording


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This product includes the class recording link inside of the class notes (tabs).

We will use a C harmonica and explore this 2nd position song in the key of G. We will cover the introduction and solo portion of the song. This slow blues is a perfect introduction to learning some great Little Walter lines as it’s a bit more approachable than many of his recordings. Have a listen to the song here: https://youtu.be/EGq71A1NVVQ

I will cover tablature orally throughout the class. I find that there is not much benefit to providing folks with complete written tablature of a song study as it takes away from the learning process of writing out the tabs. Just like when you were in school, the teacher often lectured and you had to take down notes, they didn’t write it for you. Consider that the entire event is recorded so you can always come back and review at your own pace. This also gives you the benefit of writing the tabs in the format that suits you best. Then, when class is over, I am happy to provide you with the tablature so you can go through the song with the exact version that I lay out.


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