Little Walter’s “It’s too late brother” class recording


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Grab your Bb harmonica and join Ronnie Shellist to cover this classic Walter tune in 2nd position, “It’s too late brother”. Have a listen to the song here.

This song is similar to “My Babe” with regards to the repeated guitar riff with a slightly funkier feel from Walter’s playing. It is very different from My Babe with regards to the ideas that Walter lays down. His overall phrasing of the riffs in the introduction is just simply perfect in every way. Of course we will examine the introduction of the song in its entirety which is one of my favorite Walter introductions.

I am going to cherry pick my favorite licks from the solo section but we should be able to cover the vast majority  of it in class. I will use a sort of reverse tablature approach in this class. This means that I will not send out the notes containing tablature ahead of time. Instead, we will dive into each idea, ear training it together before I reveal the notes on the screen. Of course, after class, you’ll get the complete notes so you can go back and practice along with the tablature and class recording as well.

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