Mastering Breath Control class recording


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In this class, Mastering Breath Control, we will focus on exercises that will train you to regulate your airflow so you don’t run out of air or feel dizzy while playing.  You will also learn how to get rid of excess air which is a key component to proper breath control on the harmonica. This might be the single biggest issue that the majority of harmonica players face. In addition, the concept is so important if you want great tone, fluidity and longer phrases in your playing. Simply put, the way that you breathe impacts every single facet of your playing on the harmonica.

Benefits to working on breath control

  • more air at your disposal for better control over your tone, bending and just about all aspects of playing harmonica
  • working on breath control influences your mind bringing it to a more relaxed state
  • breath control exercises calms the nerves which is the #1 issue that tends to throw a player’s breathing off
  • proper breath control allows you to be more connected to the music you are playing as it increases awareness and sensitivity to sound
  • increased musical stamina, both physically and mentally which helps build muscle memory much quicker


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