Sonny Boy Williamson II & Kim Wilson: “Nine Below Zero” class recording


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The song “Nine Below Zero” is a hauntingly good classic blues song that has been covered by so many artists. The original version, from Sonny Boy Williamson II, is played in the key of C on a standard F harmonica while Kim Wilson has an incredible version of this song in the key of C on a low F harmonica. Both versions of the song are fabulous.

In class I will discuss these 2 approaches to the classic “Nine Below Zero”. At the beginning of class l get into some killer Sonny Boy Williamson II riffs from the original version.  Not only do I discuss some of Sonny Boy’s riffs but I talk about his distinct vibrato and phrasing approach.

In Kim’s approach to the song, it will be all about discovering some nuances of rhythmic support and riffing around vocals. If you own a low F, get ready to learn some of Kim’s approach found in his version of the song.You can absolutely learn to do this ideas on a regular F but those low key harmonicas really help to set off the song. So, learning it on a G or A could also work if you do not have a low F.

Class time: 1hr 44min


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