Octave-heavy blues licks class


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Join Ronnie Shellist as he lays out some of the sweetest octave-heavy blues harp licks in this class. Our focus will be on 2nd position but you’ll also get a taste of a few ideas in 1st & 3rd position. We will spend the first 15-20 minutes of class discussing the octave technique and the mechanics of how to produce them. You’ll be able to ask questions to help problem solve any issues going on. We also spend another 15-20 minutes covering exercises and other ideas that will help you become a stronger octave player.

For the rest of class, we will be working those licks. I’ll play an idea  few times first to let you try to ear-train it and then I’ll have tablature up so we can slowly practice the idea together. In the process of learning the licks, you will discover how you can target specific single notes that are the most powerful for connecting to octaves.


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