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3rd Position bass lines class recording and The Dig 3 album download


Be sure to download the 3 PDFs at checkout: live class link, notes and CD download links. Thank you.
This package deal gets you the upcoming 3rd position class and the Ronnie’s new CD from The Dig 3.
At checkout, after paying, you will have access to 2 PDFs. One contains the link to the new album and the other contains the class notes & recording link.


Join me for a really fun class that has everything to do with 3rd position major. There is plenty of discussion out there about 3rd position minor (especially the blues scale) but what about 3rd position major? There is SO much that you can do with 3rd position major pentatonic that correlates directly to the blues.
In this class, we will cover 3rd position major and major pentatonic scales. Then we will dive into 3 fun bass lines based off of the major pentatonic scale: walking bass line, box pattern and a rumba. I’ll also cover a cool horn phrase. All of these ideas will be discussed and presented from the perspective of 12 bar blues (I, IV and V chords). We will work out lines for each chord in the 12 bars.




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