Amazing Grace & Front Porch Blues Harp pt 2 package


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Harmonicas: (C, A harmonicas)
(class will run approx. 60 min)

Join Ronnie Shellist as he covers this soulful melody that every harmonica player should know. We will learn the melody in the key of G on a C harmonica (2nd position). We will learn the melody on the lower and middle/upper register of the harmonica.

Front Porch Blues Harp pt 2 (3 hole shuffle) A harmonica
(class will run approx. 1hr 15 min)

Harmonicas: G, A

Join Ronnie for a really fun deep dive into the 3 hole shuffle which is a front porch blues harp style. This unaccompanied jam will really help you find a new way to follow 12 bar blues. Rather than root notes, we will focus alternate note choices that allow us to outline this really cool front porch jam. Unlike the first Front Porch Blues Harp class, this class will take a deeper dive on just one single porch jam rather than covering multiple approaches. This will allow us to really learn how to play the foundation and then develop it with some improvisation lines feeding off of the core of the porch jam. Don’t miss this class, it’s going to be epic!


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