Pattern Recognition Class Recording


Please download the PDF at checkout to get your class recording link and download link for the audio files and class notes.


 C&A harmonica for this class

This class feeds off of an audio download lesson created by Ronnie Shellist last year. This lesson is designed to get you moving freely around the 10 hole diatonic harmonica while improvising. You will build muscle memory as you learn new patterns that you can use while improvising. They are not scales but simply patterns & exercises that have come up in the context of improvising that are bite sized musical movements that can be played independently or strung together while improvising We will work on a 9 various exercises including but not limited to:

  • intervals
  • splits/octaves
  • target practice notes
  • 1/2 step bending practice
  • triplets
  • up beat/down beat

This class includes the original full length audio download files and notes from the Pattern Recognition product ($12 value). For those who have already purchased this  lesson, the class will offer you the further exploration of how to engage these exercises musically with a backing track.


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