Paul Delay “Fourteen dollars in the Bank” class recording


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Listen to the song on YouTube here.

Paul Delay didn’t learn harmonica by studying and copying other harp players. Instead, he primarily transferred ideas from other instruments: horn players, guitarists, organists and so on. You can tell right away when you listen to Paul, that he didn’t think like a harmonica player when it came to his tone and phrasing. He was absolutely one of the single most creative players out there.  If you haven’t spent time soaking up his music, be sure to dig deep into all of his releases.

In this class, we will be breaking down all of the harmonica parts and play together at a slower tempo. The song that we are learning, “14 Dollars in the Bank”,  is in the key of B, played on an A harmonica in 3rd position. Paul’s phrasing is so interesting in this one. Once we slow things down, you’ll see that his ideas are approachable. This class will be recorded for playback and download.


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